Our Mission

a. Insure the safety of competitors.
b. Eliminate competitor confusion.
c. Encourage participants to develop a wide variety of techniques and improve physical conditioning.
d. Encourage sportsmanship and a good attitude toward competition.
e. Render tournament competition more understandable and exciting to spectators.

To promote and conduct clinics on rules and procedures for referees, judges, competitors, scorekeepers and timekeepers.

To set standards for the sanctioning and production of amateur tournaments.

To install a regional tournament calendar each year.

To recognize the achievements of amateur competitors through a State Tournament and annual awards banquet.

To support and assist fellow promoters in every way possible and improve tournament participation, competition, sportsmanship, professionalism, and public interest by producing better and more efficient tournaments.

The Amateur Organization of Karate / A.O.K is a tournament sanctioning organization and does not own, and is not in partnership with any tournaments sanctioned by the A.O.K., other than the A.O.K. State Championships. Tournaments sanctioned by the Amateur Organization of Karate / A.O.K. are totally and completely owned by the producer/producer(s) listed on the tournament fliers. The Amateur Organization of Karate / A.O.K. does not sanction any non-A.O.K. events, including but not limited to: MMA, grappling, wrestling, boxing, board breaking or flag karate matches. Any participation in those events at Amateur Organization of Karate / A.O.K. sanctioned tournaments does not constitute any liability with the Amateur Organization of Karate / A.O.K., its producers or governing board. All liability in non-A.O.K. events lies solely with the producer/producer(s) hosting those events.

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About Us

About Us
The Amateur Organization of Karate, A.O.K. is the oldest open sport karate tournament sanctioning organization in the state of Texas.


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