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Over the past week South Texas was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, causing catastrophic flooding. We pray for everyone's safety especially those who were directly impacted by Harvey. As a result, we had to change our date of the 2017 OCEAN NATIONALS to September 30th to allow families and friends to recover from this devastation. We hope this does not cause any inconvenience. For that, we will be providing all pre-registration with a complimentary Ocean Nationals "We Survived Hurricane Harvey Texas Strong" t-shirt!

We look forward to seeing everyone in Galveston and help in supporting the local businesses and its community. Together we can survive anything because we are

Wayne Nguyen
Ocean Nationals Karate Championship

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Benevidez Davis
Nelda Adams Mike Hill
Robi Kunkel Anthony Allen
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About Us
The Amateur Organization of Karate, A.O.K. is the oldest open sport karate tournament sanctioning organization in the state of Texas.


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